We can and need to save our state

Our state is crumbling. Since taking office, Governor Rauner has slashed support for our public institutions. Springfield politicians focused on scoring political points have been unable to stop him. The result is a state and a populace that are being crushed.

Without permanent change, everything we invest in as a state—public universities, domestic violence centers, services for seniors and people with disabilities, health care, schools and after school program—will be irreparably damaged. It is not too late to save and rebuild our public institutions, but time is running out.

We need a new generation of progressive Democrats in Springfield to make the tough—but right—choices necessary to save our public institutions. I will support those tough choices—including an unpopular permanent tax increase—and the reforms, including term limits for legislative leaders—needed to bring new progressive leaders.

Yes we can, resist Trump/Rauner

Our progressive values are under attack from President Trump and Governor Rauner at every turn. They are: targeting the immigrants that make our state stronger, renewing an immoral war on drugs, cutting back on the rights of our transgender children, turning back the clock on police reforms, attacking a woman’s right to choose, blocking minimum wage and overtime pay for workers and denying them the right to organize, taking health care away from our citizens to give tax cuts to the wealthy and cutting social services that our citizens need to thrive. I’ve spent my life promoting progressive values, and, as your Senator in Springfield, I will fight for them fiercely. Illinois must mount a progressive resistance to the Trump/Rauner agenda.

Protecting and Prioritizing Education

While serving as the chief of staff of the State Board of Education, I championed programs that expanded preschool statewide. In the Senate, I will fight to ensure that our schools and young people receive the state funding they need and deserve. Investing in education is critical to shrinking the opportunity gap, preparing our students for the 21st century workforce and putting our children first.